Commitment to Trees

Sake Rice Soil Water Tree:Good tree as a guardian of brewery

The brewery is surrounded by abundant of zelkova trees as we are known as the brewery in the woods by locals.

These trees protect the brewery from the strong sunshine during the summer. Plus there are abundant of water collected under the trees.

By protecting and maintaining the trees, we are protecting the brewery and our sake; that’s our another responsibility for the next generations.

First Commitment
Zelkove trees aged more than 800 years

There is a saying that the water goes up to the mountain even when the water is dried up on a hot summer day; trees are capable to collect and store water.

Where big trees are is a place where good water is. Where our zelkova trees are have been known as a place where holy water wells up that’s ancestors have been protecting.

Zelkove trees aged more than 800 years

Second Commitment
Green sustainability

Annual event as the tree maintenance; it has to be done little by little every year because these trees are very tall.

Greens as forest resources, as water collectors, and protectors from the sunshine, are what we are keeping and maintaining; it is an important role to protect the natural ecosystem.

There are so abundant of greens around us in Japan that the importance of protecting and maintain greens tends to be shaded by other foreign matters.

We are, have been, and will be keeping our role as guardians of the woods.

Green sustainability